18 May 2011

If you can't can any candy can, how many candy cans can a candy canner can if he can can candy cans?

Hi mates! Oh, I had planned to show you my today's outfit but I'm sorry... the one moment of hugs with my bunny was enough to the black cotton shirt became a white rabbit fur jacket, haha! Do you know that? Yes, that's the worst aspect of being a pet owner. The only one negative aspect!
Now I'm sitting in bed, drinking camomile tea and trying to learn Latin (you know, Expecto Patronum, Avada Kedavra etc.) I'll show you something tomorrow, OK? Have a nice day everyone!


  1. looking forward to your next outfit post!


  2. yes we know that :( there is dog hair everywhere in my house. do rabbits leave hair everywhere like dogs?

    xoxo from germany!

  3. Just by these photos, I would have never guessed you're 21. You're so pretty ^^

    (oh and hey, I've just added the English version to the article you commented on, so if you feel like reading it... http://lifeofcarrot.blogspot.com/2011/05/geek-ve-vlastnorucne-sitych-satech.html )

  4. Expecto Patronum, Avada Kedavra ! MARLENKA!;* haha