09 May 2011

♥ Oh I Wish I Had A Sun Tan, I Wish I Had A Pizza And A Bottle Of Wine! ♥

Hello World!
Well, I decided to start blogging today.  I'm a bit afraid, but I know, haven't got a blog is like being out of this world. And I definitely have to break my shyness. 
So now, I'm thinking about all the things I'd like to do here, and how to make my blog look good, while i should learn Latin for my exam. Yeah, the trouble's coming!
But who cares about troubles, being so in love like me? ♥

Outfit Details:
Shirt: River Island
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Anne Michelle


  1. Welcome to blogger! Is this you in this pics? Look marvelous!

  2. good luck with your project :) it's still early but yet sooo beautiful :)

  3. uu look soo cute! love the outfit! and the background in the library is so beautifull i also love your hair hahaha thats so great u
    you had the courage to start blogging im sure u gonna do it great soo good look!! :*

  4. beautiful outfit! you're completely cute.

  5. aww! you have one too? :D cool, i just met one with fullcoat! he/she was adorable. Whats yours name? :3

    i love your blog btw! So charming!

  6. i love this look! you are beautiful!

  7. How do you do your hair?
    It looks awesome.

  8. wow you stunning :) may i ask how you do your hair?

  9. i have now read all of your blog entries (in reverse chronological order)... all in one sitting! i adore you! is it strange to adore one you've never met? i think not, we adore our favorite musicians and artists... and you are an artist with your style! i love to read your musings in english; there is a charm that is perfectly nuanced in your writing. i hope to read and see much more from you!

    your new follower,


  10. I love this outfit! So dreamy!But all your outfits are great!

  11. J'ai lu votre blog entièrement!!!! J'adore votre style vestimentaires, j'aimerais tellement savoir faire de même ! Car j'adore le Vintage!!! <3
    Je continuerais à vous suivre sa c'est sur !!!

  12. Your blog is like a precious treasure! You rule.
    I love your blog, I am so glad I found it :)

  13. I love this photo!! Where did you get this gorgeous hat!!?

  14. walking beauty!