23 May 2011

♥ Something Sweet ♥

Hi girls! Wouldn't you care for something sweet for dinner? If you do, you just have to make an purple omelette with banana! All you need is: two eggs, two tablespoons of flour (more or less, just one spoon for one egg), one cup of whortleberries (not blueberries - they haven't a purple juice), one banana, some light cream and some powdered sugar.

  1. Beat the egg whites to a stiff froth.

2. Add yolks, flour and blend it. A froth becomes yellow!

 3. Add whortleberries and blend it too. A froth is purple, lovely! ♥

4. Pour froth on greased, hot skillet and cook for desired consistency, like an regular omelette.
In the meantime cut a banana into slices.

 5. And blend together cream, powdered sugar and dollop of vanilla oil.

6. Now put banana slices on your omelette...

7. Pour a sweet cream on top.

8. And eat it! Yummy! ♥

PS. Be careful when you will flip omelette to the other side! Berries make it less dense than an regular omelette. Lately when I cooked it for my boyfriend and tried to do it perfectly, my omelette fell apart completely and uh.. it looked like a blue zombie, not like a delicious food, haha! I'm sorry once again, M.!


  1. I'm going to test it! :)
    I like your blog, I follow you!

  2. wow never heard about it! but sounds very good! xo

  3. oh how delicious!! Great blog!



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  5. Hi, I really enjoy reading your blog. You have so much style! I wonder how you can create that vintage look for your photos. It's so pretty!

  6. Oh, this looks so yummy, I will have to try it!