29 August 2011

♫ It's About The Keys The Keys The Keys To My Heart You Hold ♫

For me, October is always a start of something new, and September is a season of preparations for changes. You know - a thorough cleaning, a new writing pad, new plans, and great great resolutions.
At first, I start a job search! I'm so so excited, a little bit nervous too, but always so full of hope and optimism ✿ You can wish me luck, but the air smells like "everything will be great!", and I'm sure it will be fine anyway! Monday is gone, I'm drinking peppermint tea, thinking about all the things I'd like to do in my life and enjoying Patrick Wolf's fifth album - I will never get bored of his music!

More details about today's clothes coming tomorrow, in a new outfit post, hugs ♥


26 August 2011

♥ Smiling And Waving And Looking So Fine ♥

That's me and Mr. M, and we just had three lovely days, spent in my room. These are my last days of vacation, and I couldn't spend them better ♥ I'm so cheerful, because it will be our sixth anniversary next week! So the pretty Bowie's song "Five Years" will be not about us anymore ;)
I think it's a great occasion to add a sweet sweet love post, isn't it?!

So, he's wearing Electric Zombie tee, vintage vest, vintage bullet belt and Adidas shoes
I'm wearing Mink Pink dress, and I'm a blonde indian girl, la la

♫ David Bowie - Five Years ♫

22 August 2011

♥ See Yourself Going By, The Other Side Of The Sky ♥

Lalala, it seems I will have a very exciting autumn this year, I'm so happy!
I like to be busy, and meeting new people and challenges always make me feel so alive. There's nothing better than living our lives to the fullest! So preparations start, and now I will have more occasions to dress up for ;) Yesterday I had a "business meeting" with my gal pal, and I wore these shorts from Romwe (red wine resistant! I checked it out, haha) H&M vest, Miss Posh blouse, I-Don't-Remember-From-Where shoes, Primark basket purse and nameless Fifi Lapin sunnies.

Hm, I think I like this way of wearing a headscarf, I can't wait to try it with other hairstyles too!
Have a great start of the week (yeah, don't drink too much "for a business") everyone ♥


♫ Hawkwind - Silver Machine ♫

20 August 2011

✿ Everyday Hairstyle Tutorial No. 2 ✿

Hey, I wanted to show you what I do with my hair, if I have no time to curl them.
It's super easy and super quick - it takes less than 5 minutes :)

Hm, looking at these pictures, I realized that it looks like a french croissant, cool!

Firstly, I make my hair messy with a brush.

Then I put them in a high ponytail. I grab the end of my ponytail and...

...wrap it around my fingers. I roll roll roll my hair...

...into something like this, and secure it with bobby pins.

I grab both ends of the roll, and pull them down. Doesn't it look like a croissant? ;)

OK, I use some hairspray, and add something pretty, like a little princess crown
(yay, if you're a brunette, you could look like Holly Golightly!)

Or some hawaiian flowers, or a headscarf, and that's it! Easy as pie, right? :)

18 August 2011

♥ I Know That You Want The Candy ♥

Yay! Yesterday I received a wonderful parcel from Singapore, and I'm so happy! I've been looking for a dress like this one so long, since I saw the lovely Elvgren's painting. And finally I found it at romwe.com
I love love love red and white wide stripes, it reminds me of lovely, holiday candies, or Moomin mum's apron, haha! Whatever, this dress makes me want to go to the fairground, or to the circus!
Oh Romwe, you made my day ♥


14 August 2011

I Wear My Magic Smile - Just For You, I Put My Magic Boots, I Ride My Magic Horse

Hello! I had a nice Sunday in my dad's hometown, and I met these lovely ponies in the neighbourhood.
I'm sorry, I don't want to be silly and upload too much pictures of cute pets, but I just can't stop myself this time. Because I'm crazy for horses, I love them! I love to hug them, I love to brush them, I love the smell of a horse's skin, and I love their velvet-soft noses ♥ You can be sure that when I'll be unbearably rich in the future, I'll have my own one (like this), and I'll be a happy cowgirl after hours, haha
No, seriously, aren't they adorable?

♫ Soko - Dandy Cowboys ♫

12 August 2011

♥ You‘re The Sweetest Hunk Of Sugar That I‘ve Ever Seen ♥

 Haha, I had a first dream about my blog last night! Sometimes in my dreams I come across a place that I don't know in real life - a little plaza, surrounded by lovely art nouveau buildings in pastel colors. And last night, when I walked there and admired a beautiful, mint tenement house, I thought about this dress and I should photograph it in front of this mint background - it could look pretty on the blog!
Unfortunately this building doesn't exist in my town, so today's pictures can't be as pretty as I wanted, but this yellow dress is real, so here it is! The dress is vintage, and shoes - I'm sorry, I don't remember :c

 PS. Yes, I know that my hair desperately need dyeing and look like a nightmare, haha! Hugs ♥
♫ Wanda Jackson - Long Tall Sally ♫

09 August 2011

♫ Girl Groups From The 60's ♫

Hey, I just wanted to share my new great find with you. Two super cool albums, full of 60's girly underground garage rock. These songs definitely will make my August!
Oh, just listen this song and tell don't you love it?

♫ The Beattle-Ettes - Only Seventeen ♫

05 August 2011

♥ It's In His Kiss -That's Where It Is, Oh Yeah! ♥

Hi dears, please please please, let me be a true fashion blogger, and tell you the exciting story of my lucky dress! OK, so let's move in time and space: New Jersey, last year's summer. I spend vacation at my grandma's place, I'm shopping at Target. I have some candies and Batman plasters for M. in my basket, and then I saw this dress, and I was instantly in love! But it cost $30 and I didn't have enough money at this moment. Oh, what a pity! Maybe I'll come back here tomorrow and now let's go to Goodwill!
I'm shopping at Goodwill, I have a tiny Christmas decoration in my basket, and then... I saw THIS dress! Exactly the same, my size and for... $4! Holy shit, that's a thing called LUCK!
Goodwill, you're a paradise and I want you in my country so badly ♥
OK, so I bought the dress, the decoration and this is the end of the story - amazing, right? ;D

I have to go now, I'm going to spend the weekend in my boyfriend's bed watching sitcoms and movies, love love love! ♥ Have a nice weekend too!

♫ Betty Everett - It's In His Kiss ♫

03 August 2011

♥ A Little Runaway, Run-Run-Run-Run Runaway ♥

Hm, I have quite appreciable collection of dresses, which I've collected over the past several years.
Today, I realized that I never show them on blog - it's time to change! My dresses spend too much time in a wardrobe lately, and have too little summer adventures. Oh dresses, my little, beloved pieces of clothing, I promise to wear you more often from now on! ♥

Today's dress is one of my favorites at the moment, and it's from H&M.

01 August 2011

★ Summertime Blues ★

Uhh, after my long absence I have so many official, boring things to do in my hometown and in my home today. But I'm going to have a good day, my battery is full of superpower! Did I ever mention that I have the best boyfriend in the world? ♥

Outfit details:
Lee jacket, vintage shorts, vintage top, Next bikini top

♫ Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues ♫