30 October 2011

★ Trick Or Treat, Baby ★

Happy Halloween everyone! Hey, here is a super scary wine label. You can just remove the original label from the bottle, then print this one, and apply it with a glue stick, haha :)
Easy as pie, and you have a bottle of super scary wine for your super scary halloween party!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway below this post, and have a good start of the week! ♥

27 October 2011

✶ It's My Party + Giveaway ✶

Hello, my lovely readers! I know, it's nothing too special, just my two birthday outfits from today, with a knotted silk shirt from Romwe, and two different dresses under it (the left one is Gina Tricot, and the right one is from H&M), shoes are Nine West and hat is vintage.
Well, I only wanted to share a good news with you :>

So, my favourite online shop - romwe.com - offers gift vouchers worth $80 to spend on their site,
for two of my readers! I'm so excited! :) All you have to do to win the shopping of your dreams is: love my blog here, here, here and here. No, just kidding :x All you have to do is: leave here a comment with your email address associated with your romwe account (you can register yourself here)
Giveaway is open worldwide of course, you can enter till November 6th, and two lucky winners will be chosen randomly on November 7th. And oh, only one comment for one person, OK? :>

♫ Lesley Gore - It's My Party ♫

23 October 2011

♥ Sunday Girl ♥

Hello from the bed! Oh my, today I had a dinner with my grandparents, and there are so many stuff in my stomach now (love you too, grandma!). It's because of my today's name-day (hi, I'm Marlenka), and my next week's birthday. Well, now I'm sitting in the bed, looking at and enjoying my birthday gifts. A blooming mini orchid in a tiny flower pot, two pairs of lovely lovely over the knee socks with snowflake embroidery (haha, does your grandparents LOVE to give you socks or gloves too?)
And a perfect zebra print bedding set! I love it. It makes me thinking about me and M. and our new own home with temporary furniture and a big air bed with this bedding ♥

Outfit details: Miss Selfridge dress, Sisley cardigan, Nine West shoes, vintage bag and scarf.
♫ Blondie - Sunday Girl ♫

21 October 2011

✿ Mini Apple Pies ✿

Hi, I guess it's time for a new post. And because I'm a little bit sick today, it will be a yum yum post! Just a little tutorial how to make mini apple tarts. Uhh, believe me, these are excellent when they're warm. The best best best autumnal dessert for me ♥ Haha, did I ever mention that I'm a sucker, a total sucker for all cakes and cookies? :) OK, let's do this!

Recipe for a dough (yields 12 pies): 30dag of flour, 15dag of butter, 10dag of sugar, 2 egg yolks.
+ 3 apples, some powdered sugar and cinnamon.

 1. Make apples be naked, and grate them on grater.

2. Grease the molds.

3. Using a rolling pin, roll the dough out. Then use the molds to cut and shape it.

Like this, la la ♪

OK, so put the dough into the molds, but not all of it!

4. Fill the dough with the apples and add some cinnamon.

5. Make little strips of the remaining dough and put them on top of the apples.

6. Now send them to the oven and bake for 25-30 minutes, until golden brown (180'C)

7. Add some powdered sugar and ta-dah! You're a perfect housewife! ♥

15 October 2011

❦ Smells Like Autumn Spirit ❦

I have no idea how could I ever be depressed in autumn. I'm so far from being downhearted this year, that I can't imagine how anyone can be. Life is pretty good :) I'm waiting for my sweetheart to come here, cause we're going to spend our weekend in a warm bed, playing NES games from our childhood on an old TV, and listening horrible music for boys - haha, what sounds better than this? ♥

Hey, have a lovely, not sad weekend too! :)

Outfit details: vintage shirt, Papaya skirt and Reserved shoes

12 October 2011

★ Inspiration: Wild West Pin-Ups ★

There's nothing prettier and more inspiring to me, than these amazing cowgirls from fifties and sixties.
I love everything, EVERYTHING about western theme clothes, and here they are at their best!
I've selected some of my favourite paintings by Gil Elvgren and uh, just look at these girls,
I wish so badly I could have all of their shirts and boots and accessories ♥

Hm, I have a couple ideas for do-it-yourself cowboy boots like these - if only my wallet was as big as my wants, haha! And now, why not to waste some time on Polyvore, drooling over all the pretty stuff and playing with pictures of things which I will never have? ;)

06 October 2011

♥ Tainted Love ♥

Oops, I can't see myself getting bored of feline pattern any time soon. No, ever!
And in my opinion, the fall is a perfect time to celebrate this love :) But I'm mindful that not everyone share my enthusiasm, haha. I promise, I'll try to make my uncoming posts some more differentiated ✿
My today's sweater is a proof that dreams DO come true, it's from Siren, and it's absolutely the apple of my eye - haha, isn't it some kind of archaism from sixteenth-century literature? I'm sorry, I just like to use the Polish equivalent of this term ;)

OK, now I have to say bye bye, because yesterday I've bought a set of mini tart forms,
and I can't wait to use them for baking tiny, cute, autumnal apple pies, ahh ♥

PS. Oh, I just found a wonderful blog , full of so beautiful pictures which put me in a mood I love to be in. Brilliant for me, recommend recommend recommend!

Outfit details: Sissy Cardigan from Siren, vintage skirt and sunnies, Koi Couture heels.
♫ Dave Phillips & Hot Rod Gang - Tainted Love ♫

03 October 2011

♥ Oversized Leopard Scarf ♥

I'm a sucker for extra large silk scarves, I missed them! There's so many different ways of wearing them. I love to wear it loosely wrapped around my neck, or as a giant bow, or like a priest's stole
(haha, sorry, I don't know how to describe it otherwise), or wear it on the head to protect my hairstyle when it's rainy or windy. And I love when it smells like my warm and sweet perfume ♥
In colder months I need to have my favourite scarf with me all the time, so that's probably not the last time, when you see this one on my blog :)

Details: scarf and leather vest from Romwe, vintage skirt and top, Rebel Heart shoes and nameless bag.

 ♫ Shonen Knife - Twist Barbie ♫