29 November 2011

★ Sweet Jane ★

Oh wow guys, it has been yonks since we last met! I'm super sorry for slacking on here, I just have been sick for the past week with a cold. Yes, I've been lying in bed a lot, with a book, movies,
NES games and M. (he's so brave, never afraid to be with me when I'm sick!)
But I think I'm ready for comeback - come on, my wardrobe is bursting at the seams with new stuff!
OK, firstly: outfit with reference to the last post, hmm, a little bit more colorful version ;)
I've been dreaming of an outfit like this since I've found this picture somewhere in the web, and then... I've found this lovely lovely sweater, how great! And even if I don't look as ravishing as this stunning model does, I love you, my warmest little sweater! ♥

Outfit details: Flaunt sweater, pants from Joyce Leslie, H&M tassel bag and Core heels
♫ The Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane ♫

21 November 2011

♥ Dream Outfit For November ♥

Dream movie (and desktop wallpaper) for November: Easy Rider
Dream song for November: Budgie - Breadfan

Dream book for November: Women Who Run With the Wolves - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

18 November 2011

★ I Only Want You ★

OK, that's true - I have a new obsession. I'm obsessively buying tees and sweatshirts with college team logos, whenever I find them! I don't know from where this frenzy is coming from. But the fact is that I have more and more! I like to wear them with a high ponytail, with denim shorts tucked in, or in a more "mine" way - with a high waisted skirt, short cardigan and little scarf ♥
So this is one of many options, with my new thrifted t-shirt from Topshop, cardigan from Target, Papaya skirt, Reserved shoes and vintage scarf.

PS. Of course that's not my outer garment, I just wanted to be as hard as some of you for a while! :D

♫ Eagles Of Death Metal - I Only Want You ♫

11 November 2011

★ Buffalo '66 ★

Oops, it seems like sunny days are over. It's so cloudy and grey, that I'm wondering if the sun still exists. The wind, and the fog, and the smoke from the fire, and iron filings - they follow us everywhere we go, trying to get under our jackets and into our lungs, and making our hair smell like late autumn.
I think it's a perfect time to watch my favourite movie once again - Buffalo '66 by and with brilliant
Vincent Gallo (the most stylish actor ever, by the way!). So, this is what I'll do this cold friday evening. Me, bunny and a cup of hot mint tea. Yum yum, the fresh mint tea tastes like love, doesn't it? ♥

 Outfit details: jacket from my childhood, Miss Posh blouse, ISO skirt and H&M wedges.

07 November 2011

✶ Golden Brown + Giveaway Winners ✶

Yay, it's time to announce the winners of romwe.com contest, right?
OK, so without needless preface or delay, the lucky numbers are:

Woohoo, congrats guys! <confetti> <fireworks> <vuvuzela> Now wait for an email from Romwe! :)

Outfit details: Romwe scarf, H&M dress, Topshop cardigan, vintage bag and boots
The Stranglers - Golden Brown

04 November 2011

♥ All Of My Love ♥

Lalala, I'm the happy one today. I'm pretty relaxed and so smitten ♥
I'm listening love songs, looking through the awesome book which I got from M. yesterday, and I'm thinking about him. We had a nice day, SO GOOD for thrifting, and finished with yummy hazelnut drinks. Oh, my little heart feels like spring-time, and the weather is so spring-like here! Haha, I can't believe it was snowy at this time last year! Thank you November, you're a pretty fine guy :)

Today I'm wearing: Atmosphere lace dress, Romwe leather jacket and Calzedonia tights.


 ♫ Led Zeppelin - All My Love ♫

02 November 2011

♥ I'm His Girl ♥

Mm, I have this huge crush on my new jacket, it's absolutely perfect to me! A soft leather, not too much useless details (like thousands of zips), capacious pockets, and long sleeves which I can roll up - yes yes yes for these magical attributes! ♥ I hope this jacket is heavy duty, because I'm going to utilize it hard!
Jacket is from Romwe, blouse is C&A, and jeans are so old - I bought them as a teen :)

OK, I'll not torture you with my writing today. I'm somewhere in between Gabriel Garcia Marquez, tons of new music (new-new and new-to-me), a freaking touching movie I saw today, my love to my boyfriend, new episodes of Sons Of Anarchy, the idea of cutting a fringe, your blogs, emails I should reply to - uhh, I think I'm somewhat... unconcentrated at the moment ;)

♫ Friends - I'm His Girl ♫