09 May 2012

❉ The Blog's First Birthday + Ask Me Anything! ❉

A hearty hello after a long silence! I'm sorry, my boyfriend and I had a little holiday with some adventures, then I had some troubles, but today is a special day - my little blog turns one!
Thank you with all my heart, my lovely friends, for being a part of this, and for so so many lovely words, inspiring words, encouraging words, realistic words, and all your words of support! *blushing*

I think it's a great time to get to know each other better :> So, under this post you may ask me whatever you'd like to know about me. But remember, I'm a lady, so nothing too rude please, haha ;D Someday I'll make a post with answers, can't wait!

Love love love ♥

 Outfit details: Romwe cape and tights, H&M dress and bag, bespoke hat


  1. Hi Marlenka,
    why dont you have account on lookbook.nu? And have you facebook page or something like that?

  2. Hello there,
    HBD to your blog :) I love it :) I was wondering who mostly take your outfit photos and wich blogs do you read?
    Have a great day, xoxo

  3. Hey Marlenka,
    How did you get into fashion? btw i love your cape!

  4. How do you keep so thin? Do you workout a lot? Love your style:) <3

  5. happy bday to your lovely blog! :) you look beautiful as usual! I was wondering what do you do for a living?

  6. Happy blog birthday! :) LOVE this outfit...those tights are gorgeous. And my question is: do you have any fashion regrets?


  7. hooooray! happy blog birthday! :) you always look smashing, and this outfit is no exception!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  8. Happy birthday!!! First,I must say,you never,ever,never let me down,your every post is brilliant, I love your stile and just keep up doing like this! My question is: How are other people around you dressed like,and how they accept your stile(when I say other I don't mean those close to you,but those who don't know you well,and on the streets)? YOU ARE GORGEOUS! <3

  9. Love your style and your dreamy hair!

    My question is how tall are you and don't you ever feel like a giraffe in your amazingly high heels among all the boring non-high-heels-people? :D

    xxx Sophie

  10. Happy first blog anniversary!! I love the way you've styled this dress! And those tights are so cool, you pull them off so well!

    x Aliya

  11. Awesome tights, awesome hair, awesome shoes, awesome hat



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  13. HELLO ..Awesome BLOG;D
    how do you keep your skin so well?
    what products do you like the most ?~
    and what camera do you use ?? it take your photo very well..kinder like vintage shot...it very Awesome ^^

  14. Happy Blog's First Birthday!

    1. Who or what is your inspiration?
    2. Where do you live?
    3. And where do you shop(your nearest area,online shops, etc.)?

    That's all I want to know :)


  15. Just amazing :)


  16. Happy Bday to your blog - it's one of my favourite fashion blogs and I really love your style. It's very girly and sexy at the same time, playful and joyous ;)

    And my questions are: who is your all-time favourite style icon and what are your music inspirations?

  17. Awesome!

    I would like to hear the story of how you and your bf met!

  18. You look absolutely gorgeous, I adore your outfit! And woo :) Congratulations on the year of blogging! Time flies! I love your blog, you have great style and are such a sweetheart! :)

    Hmm, a question! I studied Film, Photography and art history at uni, I am now a photographer, continue to love art history and hope to travel with my creativity in the future! What do you think you want to do when you graduate, where do you wish life to take you!? ;)

    Have a merry week! Zoë x

  19. wow! You are so beatiful. I ♥ your tights. I hope your troubles are gone.

  20. Congratulations to the blog anniversary! :) I'd love if you could do a video with the answers! Ho do you manage to have such a nice figure? Do you do a lot of sport? What are you studying and how is it like? :)

  21. Happy anniversary! I just wanna know: how tall ale you?:)

  22. Happy birthday to the blog! You're always so gorgeous! :)
    I have a little question, if I remember right you're from Poland, where about in Poland? I'm planning a weekend in Krakov, do you have any suggestion about the city, like shops, restaurants and other attractions?
    Thank you so much, have a nice evening!

  23. Happy b-day to your blog:)! Love your outfit so much, super beautiful:>!
    Here comes a few questions...
    1. What`s your favorite piece of clothing?
    2. What makes you so interested in fashion?
    3. You favorite dessert:,D?

    Hope you have a great day♥!
    Love, Iris

  24. happy birthday to my favourite blog! <3
    I have three questions:
    - Why are you soooo beautiful?
    - How tall are you?
    - Do you do any sports? Do you watch what you eat or something? Or maybe you're just naturally skinny ? :)

  25. great outfit I love your heels , where did you buy it?

  26. You look wonderful. And of course happy birthday to your blog ;) My question is: What do you study? xxx
    P.S I've been following you sice you had around 250-300 followers. It's amazing to see how your blog grows.

  27. Such a cute ruffle front dress! ^^ Really pretty look.

    + Congrats sweetie!

    Indie by heart

  28. Congrats Lovely! :) It's always nice when I see a post of yours!

    I'd like to ask when did you become interested in vintage and pin-up? Did you always like retro music and clothes even when you were a kid?

  29. Aww, happy blogiversary! <3

    A question? Hmm, how was your style before you were into pin-up and vintage?

  30. Happy Blog Birthday :D You look amazing!!!


  31. Hi! :)
    I have two questions;
    Where do u come from? :)
    & what do u do as a living, where do u work?
    Happy blog-anniversary! :)


  32. which perfume do u use ? x

  33. Just wanted to say that I love love love this outfit, you make it so special!

    Also, like ElyZa I'd like to know where you live and also if you happen to have any tips for someone who'd like to go to Krakow! (Or perhaps if you recommend somewhere else) xx

  34. Woo! Happy blog birthday!
    Also, those striped tights look so nice on you! I really like the combination of color in this outfit too. Your cardigan is such a nice pastel shade. I also really enjoy the ruffles on your dress.

  35. ahh such an adorable look! xoxo linds {{www.rubygirlblog.com}}

  36. Who takes all these gorgeous photos of you every day?