28 July 2012

⋙ Travelling Riverside Blues ⋘

A super early morning - the best part of the day for some wandering!
Especially since my body had become used to waking up at inhuman hours. But I feel good. The only thing I need at this moment is some rest from all the shitty stuff that occupy my thoughts. So I could start to do things I should be doing. Why the world has so many nuances in it to think about? haha ☼

Outfit details: Waistcoat - thrifted, Metal Point Lapel Blouse - Romwe, Gradient Shorts - Romwe, Black Ankle Boots - Oasap, Bag - H&M

Led Zeppelin - Travelling Riverside Blues

25 July 2012

☼ Under My Thumb ☼

Wednesday evening. I'm tired and lazy after hours of biking through the picturesque countryside, while the sun was shining brighter than ever ☼  I like to do that, just ride ahead, humming to myself, look at all those little, simple houses and pretty gardens, and think "I could live here".
Since I'm like half asleep right now (my sleeping rhythm is a bit messed up), i think I'm just going to watch an episode or two of Lucky Luke (yes, I mean that cartoon), so maybe my dreams will be nicer.

Outfit details: Leopard Shirt - Romwe, Yellow Mini Shorts - Oasap, Yellow Platform Pumps - Oasap

Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb

20 July 2012

★ Psychotic Reaction ★

Feel like the queen of everything, tonight I'll be close to my jukebox king! ♪
Hey hey, just a quick post to wish you all a happy weekend :>
I'm off to one good-looking man, we will drink lemonade and whiskey while talking and watching classic rock concerts, we will play oldschool video games, and cook yummy foods, and cuddle and watch movies until I fall asleep :D  la la la, love you all! ♥ ♥ ♥

Outfit details: Metal Point Lapel Blouse - Romwe, Stars Print Leggings - Romwe, Red Platform Pumps - Oasap, Sunglasses - "MATRIX", haha! - thrifted, bag - H&M

The Fire Escape - Psychotic Reaction

17 July 2012

♫ Blues Run The Game ♫

Oops, seems like it has been a while since I've been on here. I've been a busy bunny enjoying the life :)
But now it's time to back to blogging again. I have so many new, lovely things that just cry out for being shown! One of them is today's dress from Sugarlips
Uh, I'm always a little ashamed when it comes to talking about my favourite items from the "sponsors". On the one hand, I could write paeans of praise, but on the other, I don't want the posts to sound insincere. Nevermind, this dress deserves paeans of praise, I swear. It's fabric is heavenly soft and lightweight, and I'm utterly in love with the layering. The pictures don't fully reflect how beautiful and spectacular it is :(  A pair of flat biker boots instead of the heels, and I can't imagine any better festival outfit for myself, but I could marry in this dress too, haha!

Outfit details: Pearls of Enchantment Dress - Sugarlips, Black Ankle Boots - Oasap, Necklace - Romwe

Nick Drake - Blues Run The Game

07 July 2012

✶ Eye Of The Tiger ✶

Well, you know, I'm not a maniac of seasonal fashion trends. Honestly, I'm not even too interested in them. But sometimes I'm pleased to find that stores are flooded with a huge amount of items that I dreamed to have. This is just a good chance to complete my dream closet, but only if I'm sure that the trend is <mine>, and that I will love to wear these clothes even if they "go out of fashion", haha.
And that's why you'll not find any galaxy prints or fluo colors in my closet, but you'll definitely find some wild kitties, la la ♪

 Romwe * Cubus * Thrifted

03 July 2012

✶ The Wizard ✶

An all black outfit from Wednesday's Saint Vitus concert / Saturday's "never say goodbye" party with a few old friends and some free drinks. A new day is just starting to be mighty hot, I'm a little confused about some things, and I'm completely out of money for the whole coming week. But that's OK. In a few hours I'll be alone with my sweetheart, we will cool down in the shade, and talk about things, and laugh at silly jokes. He makes me feel belonging to the life I live a little more, and so much happier ♥
Hope you all will have a good Tuesday too! :>

Outfit details: Leopard Embellished dress - Romwe, Black Ankle Boots - Oasap, bag - H&M

Black Sabbath - The Wizard