28 August 2012

☆ I Love You Sweet Leaf ☆

Yay, I'm alive and I'm fine, and my leg feels great :) Thank you all for your reassurance ♥
Seems like I neglected you lately, my little blog. I'm sorry for that, but you can be sure I didn't forget about you, even when me and M. lived together for some time. We had nice two weeks, and it's a little sad to come back to reality. But, oh man, I desperately need to eat (and drink) healthier - which was probably your first thought when you saw me today, haha! Nevermind, I like these pictures. They're bright, and we were so cheerful that day, and uh, my baby is so good looking ;>
So here we are and we salute you!

He's wearing: vintage bullet belt and vest and jeans, and Adidas shoes
I'm wearing: Cubus swimsuit, Romwe shorts, vintage vest and Oasap boots

Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf

11 August 2012

Summertime Sadness

Hi! I'm writing just to let you know that I'm still alive, but I'm currently a little "indisposed" to blogging.
Some time ago, me and M. felt the need to take a little ride to the other side of the town on his BMX, at four in the morning. That was pretty funny, but I had a tiny accident, and as a result a part of my leg is skinned, which is pretty disgusting and pretty painful. What's more, the wound was found to be infected and I have to take injections, ouch :c  I'm just like "FFFFUUCK!!!!!!!!11" every time I try to take a normal step. But my dad who's a pharmacist, prepared for me a magical wound dressing, so I can walk on my toes at least, and I think it starts to heal.
I feel sad and resigned anyway, because of some personal stuff, and I don't feel like doing anything.
Just me and the bed and Hermann Hesse and some sad songs, la la ♫

This is one random picture from the July folder. I wore vintage Levis t-shirt, vintage shorts, thrifted waistcoat and red ankle boots.

Hugs, hope August treats you well ♥

01 August 2012

⋙ Listen To The Wind Blow ⋘

Today's outfit is a tribute to Hell on Wheels (American western TV series) which I watched recently, haha. I'm totally impressed with everything about it, the sceneries, the music, the characters. But the most of all I love the dress code of that era. You know - hats, and boots, and shirts, and ribbons under the collar! And the fact that women didn't have to reveal so much of their bodies to be called beautiful :)
Can't wait for a new season (very soon!) ♥

Outfit details: Shirt and Anomalous Hemline Skirt - Romwe, Black Ankle Boots - Oasap

Fleetwood Mac - The Chain