30 October 2012

* ❆ * All The Young Dudes * ❆ *

Hey, it's a quick post before I go to sleep *yawn*. The outfit is nothing fancy, but it's my favourite one lately. I look like this almost everyday since I got this jacket last Thursday. I just mix it with different t-shirts and sweaters. Whatever, I actually only wanted to capture some snow on the blog, haha.
Hmm, October 27th, 1989 was a warm day, and my mum was wearing a summer dress, when I decided to come into the world. Funny how the world looks 23 years later. I mean not only the snow :)

Outfit details: Perfect Denim Jacket - Oasap, Jeans - Cubus, T-shirt and belt - vintage, bag and scarf - H&M

26 October 2012

Featured Sponsor: Romwe

Romwe.com was the very first sponsor of my blog. I was so surprised and happy when they wrote to me, because I've never expected that :D They have a great selection of unique and good quality items that I would never find here in local stores. They will always have a special place in my heart, as a store that brought my dream closet to the next level, haha.
Let me show you some of my favourite Romwe items:

And oh, I'd like to share with you a news about the big Halloween Sale on Romwe. Both best sellers and new pieces are on sale, saving you up to 60%, and $20 off for orders over $100, from today - October 26th through November 1st. Just use the code "halloween20" :> 

Happy Halloween!

23 October 2012

» Oh, The Cuckoo, She’s A Pretty Bird, And She Warbles When She Flies «

Haha, only this week two persons asked me if I made this sweater myself. Come on, do I look like I'd be able to make it? Yes, I know one knit stitch. Sort of. I'm not even sure if it's an official knit stitch. And every fall I have an ambitious plan: I know one stitch and I'm going to WORK that stitch! But let's be serious, every time I end up with couple of ridiculously misshapen knit rows, haha.
This sweater is a delight. I like to wear it with a pair of black velvet leggings and biker boots, when I don't feel like dressing up too much. But, well, a little pop of colour never hurts, right? :>

Outfit details: Striped Crochet Sweater - Chicnova, Metal Point Lapel Blouse - Romwe, Leggings - Chictopia, boots - vintage Wrangler

20 October 2012

❖ Everything Is Dust In The Wind ❖

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I accidentally found myself in one of the weirdest and creepiest places I've ever been.
I just roamed and admired the yellowness of the forest, when I heard that something crunched under my shoe. I looked around and discovered that I'm circled by horse skulls! What a creepy piece of shit, I was on Elephant Graveyard ! How can my dreams not be weird, if reality offers to me such images?

Outfit details: Tassel Shirt - Romwe, tweed skirt - thrifted, over the knee boots - Joyce Leslie

16 October 2012

✶ It's A Long Way To The Top, If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll ✶

I can't wait to know if the info about AC/DC concert in July 2013 is true or not! Actually, I like and listen only AC/DC with Bon Scott as vocalist. He could sing and scream so cheerfully, and sounded as naughty and slyly salacious, as the early AC/DC songs require him to be, I love it. 
Anyway, to make it to see them live - that would be something, because of Young brothers e.g.
Let's keep our fingers crossed! ♪ :D 

Outfit details: Leopard Printed Coat - Romwe, boots - Oasap, t-shirt, shorts, belt - vintage

11 October 2012

◈◈ I Want You, I Need You, I Gotta Be Near You ◈◈

So, the season of red-nosed Marlenka is starting? I'm afraid it does. These pictures were taken yesterday morning, before I went to town. And this outfit was a bad choice for yesterday, I almost froze to death! Damn, when can I wear my leather jackets, if it's always too hot or too cold? I hope you understand my pain. Hmm, seems like this dress is a habitue of my blog. But you can't blame me, I like to wear it at any time of the year, it's my baby ♥

Outfit details: dress - Mink Pink, jacket - Romwe, boots - Oasap, bag - H&M

05 October 2012

★ Love is Love ★

Aaaa, I feel the desire to do something I've never done before! So strong, like I would be Djinn released from a bottle after hundreds years of slavery! I could do anything: build castles, destroy cities, or embroider cross stitch. The coming months will be SO HECTIC for me, I wish I will be able to spend my free time the best and funniest way possible. Oh, of course I will! :D ♪★♫✿

Outfit details: leggings - Oasap, shirt and jacket - Romwe, boots - vintage Wrangler