25 November 2012

✦✦ You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover ✦✦

Oh no, this is my first time with my hair tousled on the blog! Actually, I don't feel right with my hair not did, and it's rare to meet me looking like this. But what does hairdo matter, when you have to struggle so hard to not be kidnapped by the wind? I know, maybe a hat is not the most practical accessory then, but as you see, I'm ready for sacrifices in the name of... I don't know, something!

Outfit details: Rock Out Tee - Siren London, Biker Jacket - Oasap, Jeans - Cubus, Boots - vintage

11 November 2012

»▸◈◂« Brown Sugar »▸◈◂«

Oh man, I've been hunting for this sweater for a year now, and I'm so so glad I finally own it.
I adore the contrast pattern, inspired by the art of Pre-Columbian cultures. It reminds me a cactus garden, a dark wooden floor, and a huge bed with lots of pillows and a crocheted bedspread, in my future home.
Uh, a huge bed with a sea of pillows - that would be something since I didn't sleep at all last night. My head yearns to be laying against my boyfriend's chest, and my eyes scream for darkness, haha. Goodnight!

04 November 2012

✰ Black Betty ✰

Hm, I guess I was in a minority in not being charmed by those sheer, ripped jumpers, like this one or this one or this one. I don't know, I'm just not much enthusiastic about ripped clothes. They remind me of when I was a hopeless, nightmarishingly dressed teenager, haha. But what can I do, these cute silver stars got me. In the last resort, the holes can always be covered up by rolling up the sleeves, or something, right? ✰

Outfit details: Star Print Ripped Jumper - Sheinside, shorts - vintage, boots - Joyce Leslie