28 April 2012

♥ For Your Love ♥

Haha, I wouldn't be a fashion blogger if I didn't add a post about how much I love pastel clothes!
But oops, I actually don't. I just like to dress like this sometimes, when I want to feel super girly and polite. Today is one of these days. I'm spending time playing with the bunny on the grass, and watching Moomin episodes :D

The whole next week I'll be free, and I'm moving to M., can't wait can't wait can't wait! ♥ 
Have a lovely week too, my dear! :>

Outfit details: Romwe shirt and necklace, vintage skirt, Oasap bag, Delicious wedges

♫ The Yardbirds - For Your Love ♫

24 April 2012

❉ Everyday I Have To Cry Some ❉

When I was a little girl (littler than I am now) I liked to make soup out of water, orange poster color, and white shoe-laces. It looked like a tasty tomato soup, but it had no flavour at all. My parents didn't want to eat it too much, unlike the plushies and dolls. Or oh, do you know a recipe for mud soup?!
Mix some rain and sand, and seeds, and anything you can find in your backyard, and stir vigorously by a long stick. Yay, there's no better fun in the whole wide world! The only one negative aspect - NO ONE wants to eat it :(  Anyway, it's spring, I have the best boyfriend, I'm eating cottage cheese with tomato and basil (yum yum), I had a good thrifting day, and I think I'm happy enough today ♥

Outfit details: Oasap jacket, Romwe pants, vintage shirt, Sheinside shoes, H&M bag

♫ Bon Scott - Everyday I Have To Cry ♫

16 April 2012

Romwe Giveaway


 the winner is: marsdilajt@gmail.com
congrats! ♥

11 April 2012

♫ They're All Made Out Of Ticky Tacky, And They All Look Just The Same ♫

Lalala, I'm so excited about the nearest future, and I have so much to think about at the moment! Firstly, I bought a ticket to the concert of Nazareth today! Oh, the videos of their latest gigs look really promising, and I can't believe they'll be in my quiet, little city next week :o
Secondly, I'm going to buy a REAL camera this month - at last! I'll have so much fun learning how to handle it, and I guess I'll spam the blog with loads of pictures, haha!
Plus, a couple more of the great, new things appeared on the horizon, but I'll write about them in due time, we can't jinx it! :>  Hugs ♥

Outfit details: Romwe blouse, pants from Joyce Leslie, Flaunt hat, Sheinside heels, Atmosphere purse

♫ Malvina Reynolds - Little Boxes ♫

06 April 2012

♥ Love's Like A Pantheon, It Carries On Forever ♥

Hello from my command center, where I'm sitting buried in books about civilizations of ancient America, and searching for some inspiration to decorating Easter eggs. Don't ask me what do ancient civilizations have in common with Easter, I just think that their art works well with eggs, haha!
How do you decorate your Easter eggs? Mine are dyed rusty brown in onion shells, and I scrape patterns using a pocket knife :) They remind the bottom of my dress in these pics, and oh, thank you for a good idea - I'm starting to make an Easter egg like this dress!

Happy Easter Guys! ♥

Outfit details: MinkPink dress, Oasap top, Sheinside shoes, H&M bag

♫ Beach House - 10 Mile Stereo ♫