28 June 2012

☽ Blue Blue Days And Long Black Nights ☾

Hello from the bed, where I'm resting after a whole day of walking around Warsaw, after a concert and a night of wandering. Oh, how good to be home, and how much I dreamed about this moment yesterday at three o'clock in the morning! My boots are dead tired too, oh no, I definitely have to treat them more gently than I did yesterday, if we want to live long and prosper together!

Outfit details: Dahlia dress, Oasap boots, vintage shirt

Fleetwood Mac - Buddy's Song

21 June 2012

★ Going To California ★

OK, it's official: I'm madly obsessed with this kind of boots, I could wear them everywhere and with everything! And oops, it's a bad news for all of you who are bored with me overwearing some items of my clothing (haha, guess which ones?). I'm going to overwear these boots to the limits of decency.
But can you blame me? ♥

Outfit details: Black ankle boots - Oasap, US flag t-shirt - Romwe, shorts - thrifted

♫ Led Zeppelin - Going To California ♫

18 June 2012

★ You're The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk ★

Super YAY for vacation! My definition of vacation:

1. Not doing anything stressful at all.
2. Going to places that we've always wanted to go, but didn't actually have the time.
3. And spontaneously going to places we had not planned or budgeted for.
4. Just having fun and not giving a shit about anything.
5. Being an adventure seeker, and doing exciting and out of ordinary things.
6. Reading books that we want (not must) to read.
7. Being super in love and spending a lot of great time together.

3, 2, 1, GO Vacation! My goals are on the way to being achieved! ♫★♪♥

Outfit details: Gradient Shorts - Romwe, Red Suede Boots - Sheinside, T-shirt and vest - thrifted

Budgie - You're The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk

10 June 2012

✶ Moments ✶

If I were able to live my life anew, in the next I would try to commit more errors. I would not try to be so perfect, I would relax more. I would be more foolish than I’ve been, in fact, I would take few things seriously.

I would be less hygienic. I would run more risks, take more vacations, contemplate more sunsets, climb more mountains, swim more rivers. I would go to more places where I’ve never been, I would eat more ice cream and fewer beans, I would have more real problems and less imaginary ones.

I was one of those people that lived sensibly and prolifically each minute of his life; Of course I had moments of happiness. If I could go back I would try to have only good moments. Because if you didn’t know, of that is life made: only of moments; Don’t lose the now.

I was one of those that never went anywhere without a thermometer, a hot-water bottle, an umbrella, and a parachute; If I could live again, I would travel lighter. If I could live again, I would begin to walk barefoot from the beginning of spring and I would continue barefoot until autumn ends. I would take more cart rides, contemplate more dawns, and play with more children, If I had another life ahead of me.

But already you see, I am 85, and I know that I am dying.

- Jorge Luis Borges

I love this poem so freaking much ♥

Outfit details: Navy Peplum Dress - AX Paris, Buffalo Skull Clutch - Romwe, boots - vintage

07 June 2012

☼ Black Country Rock ☼

Do you maybe have a friend who's a birdwatcher? Haha, that's kinda fascinating. In one moment you are sitting on a leather sofa, sipping scotch, and in the next, you are crouching in the bushes to get a closer look at herons on the prowl :D  Oh my, I love how different and interesting other people are.
And I love to be in my own space after a day of impressions, goodnight superstars! ♥

Outfit details: Romwe shirt and necklace, thrifted pants, Oasap pumps

David Bowie - Black Country Rock

05 June 2012

♥ Hot Love ♥

Hey, I'm wondering, did I ever mention how much in love am I? How lucky am I that my man sticks by my side through anything, and that he's so amazing at everything he does? I know I did :)
I'm so proud and grateful, and I love my life as his lady like crazy! Can't wait to see him and squeeze him really tight, to squeeze all the marmalade out of him, haha! ♥

Outfit details: Red Suede Boots - Sheinside, jacket and necklace - Romwe, knitted dress - vintage

♫ T. Rex - Hot Love ♫

01 June 2012

♥ You Really Got Me ♥

Well, what can I say? I am such a sucker for t-shirts of rock bands that I adore. My heart is always beating faster when I find a new one to add to my, or my boyfriend's collection. And I'm obsessed with this Van Halen one, it looks exactly like it was vintage ♥

This post should actually be dedicated to Nazareth - we were at their concert last evening, and the night was fun and filled with whiskey and pretty songs. Yes, please :D

Outfit details: Van Halen t-shirt - Sheinside, Pumps - Oasap, Skirt and Levi's Jacket - vintage

Van Halen - You Really Got Me