19 July 2013

Now All The Boys Are After Me, And That's The Way It's Gonna Be

Oh my oh my, tomorrow morning me and M. are going to be on our way to the long-awaited doom festival, to see Pentagram and some retro psychedelic rock bands. I'm so excited about it, I can't collect my thoughts to manage a sensible blog entry, haha. So maybe just let me introduce you Hippie the dog - OMG, he looks so funny in this picture, I can't help posting it! Doesn't he remind you some kind of creature from the Moomin Valley? Fillyjonk's children, Sniff, tiny dragon or something, I adore this little buddy so much! Well, hey, have an awesome weekend everyone! ♥

Biker Jacket - c/o Sammydress, Iron Maiden top - thrifted (H&M I guess), jeans - Cubus, Red Pumps - c/o Oasap

03 July 2013

Wait For The Ricochet

Uff, the past few weeks were filled with finals, school stuff, paperwork and other pain-in-the-ass things. The vacation came at the right time, and now I'm slowly getting used to blissful carelessness. I'm going to spend a few days in the mountains this summer - I'm totally a mountain person, and I'm so happy about that! I wasn't there since 2005. 
Can't wait for all the summer adventures to begin!

Outfit details: Deep Purple t-shirt and bullet belt - thrifted, PU Leggings with Lace Detail - c/o Oasap, boyfriend's vest