23 May 2013

Old Turkey Buzzard

When me and M. explored the neighborhood for a nice place to sit on the grass, drink beer and chill out, we found our own mysterious garden! It is huge, the gate has only one half, all the plants grow wildly and they hide the weirder part of the garden, with an old, scary cabin. The worst part about it is that, although the house has 3 storeys, it has no stairs! The highest storey even doesn't have any door, just an empty window a few meters above the ground - oh my, that's so weird! Why the hell did someone build something like this?! Anyway, this place has a really cool vibe and when we'll be disgustingly rich one day, I'll find the owner of it, and I'll buy it, and my horses will graze here! So, yeah, that's what I wanted to tell about today, because the gate you see on these pictures is the gate to my mysterious garden, and this is important, and I know you surely care ;D Goodnight ♥

Outfit details: Sweater with an eagle - c/o ZLZ , skirt - c/o Choies, boots and belt - vintage

12 May 2013

No One Makes A Sound

OMG, where does the time go?! It was a hectic and stressful period, but I had no idea that a month already passed since my last post. The season changed from winter to hot hot summer, there was one super important wedding, we started an epic year of concerts with the epic concert of Orchid (Motörhead, ZZ Top, TSA, Jex Thoth, Kadavar, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath are coming... Musicians, please, leave my money alone for now!), my leg feels good, I feel good, and I love everything and everyone in my life! If only I could be a better blogger... ;D