23 August 2013

⋙⋙ Postcards From The Trip ⋘⋘

Hey, I'm back! I had an awesome week, spent walking long long kilometers through meadows and forests with my family. We stayed in a small wooden cabin by a mountain lake and listened to Bob Dylan. We had wildlife on the doorstep, wide open spaces and glorious landscapes. I loved to see Hucul ponies in their natural environment! I enjoyed every moment of being there. Oh, now my heart aches for high mountains so much! ♥

13 August 2013


So, this is just a quick post before I leave for the trip, and an outfit for a collaboration with Chictopia. It has to be an all-cotton look - nothing easier since my wardrobe is totally dominated by cotton t-shirts, bottoms and dresses. I got used to paying attention to that because of my boyfriend's obsession with natural, breathing fabrics. So this is kind of my summer uniform: oversized cotton band tank and a super short skirt or shorts

02 August 2013

Last Days Here

Hello from the bed! My poor bones are paying the price of our last escapades, and they are suggesting that maybe I should start to take more care of my thesis from now. But it's not that easy when you are rather in the mood to love someone :c  Anyway, we were having some good time lately. We've seen Pentagram and Deep Purple live, and visited a city we've never been to together before. It's a holi-holiday!